Saturday, April 14, 2012

Maintaining the Perfect Balance

Arsenal is financially stable is a well known fact to the footballing world, it probably is one of the very few sporting organizations to make profits and upgrade itself in all aspects to next level, and yet be stable competitively. And it is no co-incidence that during this period of financial turbulence Arsenal has seen a major trophy drought, which, is getting itchy to the fans and giving clubs without class reasons to point fingers out at a club which oozes class in all aspects.

The slump and the drought which has become a part of Arsenal, and hate to see us getting stereotyped with trophy-less seasons. But, this drought has followed us since the move to Emirates stadium, which people call Emirates-Jinx, lets analyze it sensibly.

Since the move to the new stadium, Arsenal had to cut down on a lot of expenses, which included hefty wage players in the likes of Pires, Vierra, Henry, etc.

A great manager moves on with the available resources to make a team good enough to fight the battle with new stars and new heroes, and this team falling for the greed of few in the likes of Adebayor, Hleb, Gallas, Nasri, etc.

Facing challenges and betrayals (hate to say it, but, read: Cesc Fabregas) and after a disastrous start to the season, we are, competing for the second place (too optimistic), while clubs which have spent 100 times more than us (no exaggeration) have become a joke. (Read: ManC, Liverpool and Chelsea)
Bounce after every fall [pic:]

Looks like the time when Arsene Wenger's trust on his policies are returning favours, since later Feb, we have:

1. Covered 13 points from our North London's little successful club which forever remains in our shadows.
2. Dramatic comeback over Milan at home. A little more luck and we could have been on the path to Bacra revenge.
3. Won Eight, and Lost only one game on the bounce.
4. Late comebacks in most games in the period, which never looked possible in last couple of seasons at Arsenal.
5. Less reliant on the Captain's goals.

The future looks bright, but with only if Wenger manages to hold on to each of these following players:


And an addition of Podolski will be magical. Its not long, Gunners will be blazing to the unimaginable heights again.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Journey of Kos - the Boss

If the Journey from being a player to be made fun of by own fans along with the fellow signing, Sebastian Squilacci, to Arsenal's most loved defender since the Invincible's, is not dramatic enough. Lets have it in his own words.
"I don't believe any French player would have refused to come and play for Arsenal. It took me four years to go from the bench of Ligue 2 to Arsenal so it is a great achievement."
Kos-The Boss (Image: )
Always being #ArseneKnows guy, I hate myself to, at a point, have criticised Laurent Koscielny and not have noticed his steady rise and getting carried away by one or two mistakes, which did cost us a lot, but, definately has given us a defender to be proud of.

From being branded as Kosher to Kos- the Boss. The quick thinking, agressive, and lightning fast defender without a doubt is within 3 places for Arsenal's player of the season and best defenders this season.

From the above table its evident that Koscielny is one of the top defenders this season with the likes of Terry, Kompany and Agger.

But, what pleases me the most is the way he has matured to take up the defensive burden in the absence of Vermaelan, and hasn't committed the mistakes like the Carling Cup final. Its also noticeable that Koscielny gets booked a lot compared to other top-defenders and with time when he improves that we are up to what could get us back the glorious days.

Hope to see opponent strikers getting Kos-trated every match day.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Arsenal Renaissance

When was the last time Arsenal won six premier league games in a row?
I seriously, don’t remember the last time that happening. But for a club of Arsenal’s caliber it could not have been long since that happened.

But, was it as exciting as this?
I don’t think there was ever EVER a better run of performance, and the games here are not bottom table or promoted sides, this astonishing run of form by the gunners started with a comeback victory over sp*rs, followed by AC Milan, Liverpool, Newcastle and Everton.
The biggest credit of this goes undoubtedly to the manager, and it’s safe to say that, Arsene Wenger’s long term project on this team is starting to show its results. This is the first season since THE INVINCIBLEs left (majority of ‘em) that we are not desperate of signing to complete our team. Or to put it in other words, this is the first time, fans will not be getting behind Wenger for signing.
In Arsene we trust. [Pic:]  
We were short in at least one department every season presiding this, DEFENCE, GOAL KEEPER, STRIKER, all in the reverse order for last three seasons. And somehow miraculously its all solved, with out Wenger needing to buy a David Luiz, Fernando Torrez, Andy Carrol, Stewart Downing, etc,. Did he “SPEND SOME FUCKIN’ MONEY?” I don’t think so- Arteta, Santos and Mertesacker were got for peanuts considering their performances compared to all the stupid signings being made by Citeh, Coach Fire Club, and LOLpool.

Buy Podolski or not, mid-field anchormen more or no. I’m not writing my opinions on it, as I have full faith- WENGER KNOWS BEST. But, I hope he holds on to our Captain Vantastic. Wenger is the only person who can lead us to success in all aspects.

Now, the second part of the post.

Read an excellent post on how our performances has changed since we have fit full-backs.

Also, the Arsenal’s renaissance should be credited to one of the oldest race-horse with us. Glad to find hundreds who considered him dead-wood are his admirers now. And, I am glad that my favorite player in an Arsenal jersey is proving what he’s worth.

Rosicky back at his most favorable position is one of the reasons for this amazing run of form. He’s very hardworking, good at possession, crazy without it (that’s what brings those amazing sliding tackles out of him, very creative, always looks to attack.

And here are some stats to prove his worth.    

Also, include yesterday's victory in the stat to further improve my point. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Premier Leauge Satire: What could be?

Disclaimer: All the characters in the following post are real, any resemblance with People or Clubs, Harry or Sp*urs, living or might die, is purely intentional. The characters here are assumed immortal for simplicity.

English Premier League is without a doubt the best thing that has happened to sporting world, after Zidane. What makes it even more special is the quality of fan following it gets across the globe. With the humor associated with it unparallel and above all sporting events.
Trending a premier league joke worldwide takes less time than Tim Krul realizes that he has to take a goal kick. 

Utmost care has been taken to keep the work original, but, you will find many jokes inspired from various top trends on twitter.

Exact timeline of the following events is not established, lets just say its some time 15-20 years from now.

North London:
Arsene Wenger reassured his faith in his clubs long standing youth policy and looks to further improvise his belief by signing players only below age of 8.
While, the gunners legend Theirry Henry has scored his 400th Premier League goal for Arsenal in his 14th debut at the club. The goal was created by Cesc Fabregas, who returned to his teenage club from his boyhood/divehood club as a free transfer. Making him the 49th player to make a second coming at the Emirates Stadium.

The recent transfer window saw Arsenal sending a record 51 players on loan and selling 25 kids, boosting the clubs pre-tax budget to 173,479,886 million pounds.

Meanwhile at Manchester:

Sir Alex Ferguson completed his 9,999th game as the in-charge of the club, WRIGLEYS sponsored the event as incidentally he spat his 610,000,000th chewing gum. 

Howard Webb won his 600th MoTM award for the club, awarding it 1000th penalty, which completed Nani's 1200 dives. 

Ryan Giggs has finally retired from football in search of the only family member he hasn't slept with. Which could take his incest record to marginally less than his appearances for the club. If you are the one call him on 004-123-61-61 or mail at

While the other Manchester Club, has completed a record signing of 250 million pounds to yet another over-rated arrogant prick.  Extending the oil-rich clubs spending to 75000 billion pounds without a trophy.

Back at London
Chelsea have finally silenced their critics on "shite club, no history", with the following history, yet remaining a shit club. 

  • A unique record of firing 4 managers in a season, bringing the managers fired tally to 35 since the last trophy.
  •  While the clubs longest standing senior manager has urged more signings. He's apparently stuck on 97 and the club needs 3 new players for him to make a century of team-mates wives. 

Elsewhere, in north London, Spurs fans in an attempt to prove north London is not RED, are taking a crap on the streets of London to prove NORTH LONDON IS THEIRS. With banners of COYS-Crap on you Spurs.
At Mersyside
Scientist are working on a mortality drug to keep aged people alive so that a few of the Liverpool fans could claim, "I was there when Liverpool last qualified for Champions League".
Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish is asked FA to ban Arsene Wenger for calling Suarez a diver, United for winning cups and Messi for scoring Goals. But he says Suarez racially abusing Evra is justified.

Entrepreneurs in Football:
Last ten years has seen a good number of football entrepreneurs, most famous include:

  • Gareth Bale academy of diving. With reputed trainers like Christiano Ronaldo, Sergio Busquets, Didier Drogba, etc.

  • Wayne Rooney Hair gain formula and "massage" center.

  • Nasri, Adebayor and A. Cole become rich in 30 days. 

  • Bendtner's best selling novel, "how not to pay for your pizza".
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Monday, March 12, 2012

Letter to the Captain

Dear Captain.

I could have addressed this letter as Dear RVP or Dear Robin or your full name, but, I chose just CAPTAIN. There is a reason behind it.

Captain, I've been an Arsenal fan since our defeat to Barcelona in UEFA Champions League Final of 2006. So, my first arsenal game and I missed out on the biggest trophy our team could get. 

But nevertheless, the spirit a ten men side showed made me a crazy arsenal fan. 
Now to the reason I refer to you as captain was because in the 6 years I've supported Arsenal- I've seen 5 different captains at the club. And before taking up football I followed cricket- closely followed 7 Indian Cricket Captains.

But, none really deserved to be addressed as CAPTAIN, just Captain as you do.
  • Encouraging Theo to get the best out of him throughout the season and particularly the Spurs game. 
  • Handing over MoTM to Sczcency. 
  • Kissing Songs boot for the winning assist. 
  • Numerous small gestures which evidently has made arsenal the most spirited side football has witnessed in past few years. 
  • All these apart from single handedly winning almost every other game for us.
Captain Vantastic
Yes, there were amazing captains who were great leaders, but the pressure of being a captain ruined their natural game; while, there have been great sportsmen who were average to poor captains.

The best thing about this Arsenal captain, you my captain, is that you have been an inspiring captain, true leader, amazing motivator and much brilliant performer. The burden of Captaincy has not affected your game slightest. In fact, it has helped others to attain their potential- every manager’s dream.

Like millions of Arsenal supporters worldwide I wish you sign that piece of paper- they call contract, as soon as possible. I'm not sure of others, but, I'll not hate you even if you don't. 

Dear Captain, I just wish you do it, we might get a CF a little poor or as good, but, never in my lifetime I'll see a better captain and a top player like you at Arsenal.

With loads of love,


P.S.: I know Piers is funny. But, we all hate him as much as we hate spurs. I promise to tweet you best jokes. Please don't consider him a Gooner.

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rosicky finally!

Finally, finally! He's all over the places, papers, videos, blogs, facebook, twitter, you name it.
I am glad Rosicky is finally getting the attention he deserved. 
"Deadwood". "The player once he was". "Clueless". "Headless Chicken".
I hated to read even posts which had mentioned good stuff about Rosicky as it would end up with comments like above.

To the Mozart's tune!

Its good to see Rosicky getting the game time he deserves and this time he's taken it well. While, for the "Cup half empty" people there still don't see positives out of Rosicky's best performance in Arsenal shirt. Here are few of the most common complaints about the Little Mozart:

1. Not the player he was:
Every second time you find Rosicky's named mentioned, you will find a comment "he's not the player he was', but to think of it, he's never given a chance to be the player he was. Firstly, Wenger never utilized Rosicky in his preferred position behind the striker, and after his injury he was never given a chance to settle in the team, after Fabregas's return last year and the infamous penalty against Sunderland, Rosicky was reduced to, god-forbid, what Nasri is to ManCity. Wenger was over-using Nasri and Wilshere while Rosicky was kept on bench even in League Cup, this season Ramsey was again over-used, and I think Ramsey's injury is the best thing that has happened to Arsenal and Rosicky. 
I know Ramsey is Arsenal's future, but Rosicky at his best can be the on-field mentor and leader the entire team badly needs right now. 

2. Injury prone:
A tough thing to defend right now, just moments after his best game at Arsenal's he's doubtful for the next, all I can say is, what did most critics say about Robin van Persie last year?

3. Poor at Possession:
Arsenal's game is all about keeping the ball, finding the right moment, and Rosicky keeps giving away possession, what forms the basis for Arsenal's game. Well, here I have to say Rosicky is the only attack minded attacking mid-fielder in our side. He's the only player in the current side who can turn defense into attack, (for which Arsenal were once famous for) watch Walcott's first goal against sp*rs. So, he needs to take that odd risk of losing the ball to create chances, and Rosicky is probably one of the very few footballers in the world who can think few moves in advance, "yes! Arsenal's own Zidane".

4. No Assists:
It surprises me as well, but then I watched a lot of Rosicky videos, (thanks to my friend CarpenterAAA11, on  twitter), Rosicky does well to create attack and often ends up creating an assist rather than a goal, guess that's why Fab loves Rosicky so much. 

5. He's too old:
Tough to fit in Wenger's frame. At 31, Rosicky is lucky to be in Wenger's squad, but I think he's the experience we badly need right now, and please look at the two goal scorers for United last week, Rozzza is still not that old. 

PS: I am not one of those hundred bloggers with new found respect for Rosicky, proof here
And, thank you Rosicky scoring on my birthday was the best birthday gift ever. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Lady in Red

Arranged marriages in India are often portrayed by the west as an evil an unjust system. But to think of it, occasionally it can really be awesome. 

The efforts put in by the families. Finding the right person, matching the family profiles, social status, religious background. Very often parents become this undercover agents, with usually weird logic. 

And then when all is right, comes the great Indian hospitality. The marriage truly is a marriage of two families. Sudden doubling of your social circle.

I'm very sure I got most of the positives out. 

And the best thing is till THE DAY, the dude gets to see only a pic of the bride and in most cases a shy half glimpse. 

This got me thinking today, I'm very sure I'll be caught up in the system as well, sooner or later. 
I wouldn't mind it either. 

Who knows when I see the LADY IN RED, take the "ghoonghat" off to find her in an Arsenal Jersey! *dream interrupted*

Monday, January 2, 2012

How the tables will turn around for Gunners! (January Edition)

If you've read my previous post, all I can tell you is TOLD YOU SO!

Minus, the unlucky loss to Man City and draw at home to Wolves we have made the most of the last two months. And hell ya! It indeed as a Happy New year. Being the only team in top-5 to pick up all three points and see ManU, ChelShit and ManShitty lose.

January is not quite like the last two months, with Gunners playing four times in premier league, starting with the trip to Fulham, Swansea, the revenge against ManUtd followed by a trip to struggling Bolton. No doubt the Gunners have relatively easier fixtures. But there is nothing much to be excited about from the other fixture list as well.

The only big clashes are as follows:

Manchester City ---vs--- Liverpool  (3rd Jan, 2012)
Newcastle United ---vs--- Manchester United (4th Jan, 2012)
Manchester City ---vs--- Tottenham Spurs  (22nd Jan, 2012)
Arsenal ---vs--- Manchester United (22nd Jan, 2012)

Coming to what to expect from January,

  1. Tough Competition from Chelsea: Last 3 months for Chelsea has been the worst 3 months since I am following football, so expect the Russian Mafia to splash more money and bring in reinforcements. So dropping of points in any form in next 4 fixtures will prove costly for the Gunners. 
  2. Lady luck frowning: Expect spurs to run out of the lucky goals and lucky decisions going their way, I am expecting the gap to reduce or get above them in a run where spurs play only at home.
  3. Manchester's drop: Both the Manchester teams are level and many Arsenal critics will be hating that we have narrowed the gap down to less than 10 points. Expect that to be around 5-6 by the end of the month. 
  4. Liverpool resurgence: With SteveG back expect Liverpool to do better than they are, I will not be surprised if they take that 5th place from Chelsea by 31st Jan.
  5. Boring Boring: Expect this month to be relatively boring action wise, fixture-wise. With the RETURN OF THE KING, only thing to look forward to.
Till then, GO GUNNERS!