Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Journey of Kos - the Boss

If the Journey from being a player to be made fun of by own fans along with the fellow signing, Sebastian Squilacci, to Arsenal's most loved defender since the Invincible's, is not dramatic enough. Lets have it in his own words.
"I don't believe any French player would have refused to come and play for Arsenal. It took me four years to go from the bench of Ligue 2 to Arsenal so it is a great achievement."
Kos-The Boss (Image: )
Always being #ArseneKnows guy, I hate myself to, at a point, have criticised Laurent Koscielny and not have noticed his steady rise and getting carried away by one or two mistakes, which did cost us a lot, but, definately has given us a defender to be proud of.

From being branded as Kosher to Kos- the Boss. The quick thinking, agressive, and lightning fast defender without a doubt is within 3 places for Arsenal's player of the season and best defenders this season.

From the above table its evident that Koscielny is one of the top defenders this season with the likes of Terry, Kompany and Agger.

But, what pleases me the most is the way he has matured to take up the defensive burden in the absence of Vermaelan, and hasn't committed the mistakes like the Carling Cup final. Its also noticeable that Koscielny gets booked a lot compared to other top-defenders and with time when he improves that we are up to what could get us back the glorious days.

Hope to see opponent strikers getting Kos-trated every match day.

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