Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Arsenal Renaissance

When was the last time Arsenal won six premier league games in a row?
I seriously, don’t remember the last time that happening. But for a club of Arsenal’s caliber it could not have been long since that happened.

But, was it as exciting as this?
I don’t think there was ever EVER a better run of performance, and the games here are not bottom table or promoted sides, this astonishing run of form by the gunners started with a comeback victory over sp*rs, followed by AC Milan, Liverpool, Newcastle and Everton.
The biggest credit of this goes undoubtedly to the manager, and it’s safe to say that, Arsene Wenger’s long term project on this team is starting to show its results. This is the first season since THE INVINCIBLEs left (majority of ‘em) that we are not desperate of signing to complete our team. Or to put it in other words, this is the first time, fans will not be getting behind Wenger for signing.
In Arsene we trust. [Pic:]  
We were short in at least one department every season presiding this, DEFENCE, GOAL KEEPER, STRIKER, all in the reverse order for last three seasons. And somehow miraculously its all solved, with out Wenger needing to buy a David Luiz, Fernando Torrez, Andy Carrol, Stewart Downing, etc,. Did he “SPEND SOME FUCKIN’ MONEY?” I don’t think so- Arteta, Santos and Mertesacker were got for peanuts considering their performances compared to all the stupid signings being made by Citeh, Coach Fire Club, and LOLpool.

Buy Podolski or not, mid-field anchormen more or no. I’m not writing my opinions on it, as I have full faith- WENGER KNOWS BEST. But, I hope he holds on to our Captain Vantastic. Wenger is the only person who can lead us to success in all aspects.

Now, the second part of the post.

Read an excellent post on how our performances has changed since we have fit full-backs.

Also, the Arsenal’s renaissance should be credited to one of the oldest race-horse with us. Glad to find hundreds who considered him dead-wood are his admirers now. And, I am glad that my favorite player in an Arsenal jersey is proving what he’s worth.

Rosicky back at his most favorable position is one of the reasons for this amazing run of form. He’s very hardworking, good at possession, crazy without it (that’s what brings those amazing sliding tackles out of him, very creative, always looks to attack.

And here are some stats to prove his worth.    

Also, include yesterday's victory in the stat to further improve my point. 

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