Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Arteta a flop? You should be a pessimist of the highest order.

Mikel Arteta since his deadline day signing for Arsenal has cemented his position in Gunner's side, which has seen one of the most dramatic comebacks of recent Football history. Arteta in an Arsenal's 4-2-3-1 is playing in a position left by the injury to Arsenal's yougest legend Jack Wilshere. 
Identity crisis?

Arteta often referred as "Poor Man's Fabregas", was considered a panic buying by the usual anti-Arsenal media, who has, so far, silenced his critics and has been a major factor in Arsenal's resurgence. 

I personally consider him as Wenger's yet an other master signing, The problem is him drawing comparison to Cesc Fabregas for the role he played for David Moyes Everton. Its unfair that, one of the very few solid players who have led you to a resounding comeback after a horrific start to the campaign being criticized as a player who, "Slows down the game", "chooses safe side passing" and "not creative enough behind RVP".

Arteta along with Song have been deployed as pivote, or deep lying midfielder with defensive responsibilities, which explains Arsenal drastic improvement in defense over the last few years, he reminds me of Xavi at world cup last year, boring I described Xavi, but Arteta is doing a fantastic job, keeping possession, letting the players around him settle and get into rhythm. He gives Ramsey and Song freedom to create something out of the game, and Arteta facing the creative burden is unjustified as I think its more of Ramsey's duty to do so. 

It will be interesting to see the line-up after Jack's return from injury.

And for today's game, Gunner's take on Aston Villa at Villa Park, hoping to get back to winning ways, after an unlucky, referee blaming loss to Arabs. 

Aston Villa have won 2 and lost 3 of their last 6 fixtures, while the Gunners have only lost once and drawn once in the last 6 games. 

Arsenal are without Song (Suspended) and Djourou (Injury) from their last game. 

Robin is 3 goals short of history. 

Expected Line-up:

Koscielny    Mertesacker    Vermaelan    Miquel
Arteta     Rosicky
Walcott    RVP    Gervinho

Prediction: 0-2,  Victory with RVP back on score sheet. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Letter to Samir Nasri

Dear Samir Nasri, (Just formally, no intended respect)

[I'm an Indian and we Indians usually learn English as a secondary language, we are taught to write letters formally, so I don't really mean it if I actually use sweet language]

Hope this letter reaches you in best of health and hope that you are facing no injury scare to face us. Which I really wish is inflicted by either Arteta or Ramsey. Hope that cozy bench is treating you well. I wish a reply on this: Is it really very costly? Does it have some advanced technologies like anti-perspiring or sweat absorbing? Which anyway will make no sense as you would hardly sweat, may be the only time you sweat is when warming up. As an ex-fan, I have empathy towards what we Indians call “tashrif“. With all those bench-warming you should be careful about blisters down there.

Nasri, just remember exactly a year ago, you were the fan favorite. You were scoring goals, creating them and moreover starting almost every single game.  You were being considered to be given a status which you will never acquire in any of your future clubs. I'm sure you are not sensitive enough to guess what it is, fans would have given you the status of “Next Robert Pires“.

Well you may be wondering why we hate you as much as we hate Ashley Cole or Adebayor, you must be thinking you had great potential and we hate losing out on that, seriously NO, even Bendtner will not think in those lines. Look we never believe in like to like replacements as you know, which didn't work well for us until you. We have found people playing better football providing better assists and getting us results. Seriously, Gervinho has been a better player in that position since Pires left. And Arteta is the best number-8 we had since Ljumberg.

[We Indians beat around the bush a lot: watch Bollywood movies]

Coming back to why we hate you, the reason is not coz you left us for money, its not because you are good. (Seriously, ask your manager)
The reason is coz you have done something unpardonable, its something which makes me feel like giving a capital punishment, ask your Arab owners, the thing they do: like burying the body in sand and hitting face with pebbles. You, Mr. Nasri,  tried to flirt around with Man Utd, for that French friend of yours who has no idea what real men, never mind kids, are made of.

Here is wishing you good luck with the Europa league. “Losing out fighting for a cup is much better than watching a bunch of guys getting it“


Saturday, December 10, 2011

No Words

I would not write anything which shall ruin the feel this pic gives. (Courtesy: @WonderGunner, Twitter)

Picture worth a million words

Friday, December 9, 2011

In fond remembrance, on the special year.

While the debate for statues for Arsenal legends for 125th year celebration remains hot on social media. Arsenal have decided to award SPECIAL LEGEND status to a few of the most “loved“ Arsenal heroes. Namely: $amir Na$ri, Cashley Cole, etc. To honor these famous betrayal legends. Arsenal have planned inscribed images of them on Emirates Toilet Urinals. 

Taking the royal pi$$

While, in fond remembrance of a few Arsenal stars, special NAMED benches will be kept in the dug out, which include, a special “Thursday Operational“ BENCH for Nasri and Clichy, with inbuilt TV which shall play Channel 5: Europa League games. Special mentions include Flamini, Toure and a seat shall be reserved for Bendtner. The Club also plans a six month Credit LOAN counter which shall be named ADEBAYOR, with a tag line “we have loans for a man's needs not Greed“.

A special memorial service is also planned for the demise of our favorite rival's Champions League dreams, we wish them luck for the relegated CHAMP16NS for CHAMPIONSHIP EUROPA LEAGUE.