Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is the Arsenal‘s medical team run by the rivals?

Is the Arsenal‘s medical team run by Manchester United or Chelsea or Tottenham Hotspurs?
What is their qualification?
Are they even educated?
Or the have like really hoooooot nurses?
Or is it run by Barcelona?

I think it should be Barca, mastermind strategy to get Cesc Fabregas, now you have him leave us alone.
I know a PUTTUR BONE “SENTRE“ guy who fixes any injury in just hours. What the hell is wrong with one of the most prestigious sports academies of the world football?

Anybody who gets his name on the arsenal injury list either gets stuck on the list for ages or ruins his footballing career.
Henry [2006,2007]
Eduardo [2008, 2009] ~ I agree you need to credit them for fixing it at first place.
Rosicky [2008, 2009] ~ One of the reasons for my frustration.
Ramsey [2009, 2010] ~ A case similar to Eduardo.
Vermaelen [2010, 2011]
And now, I just hope it doesn't, Jack Wilshere. If not for these injuries, arsenal would have been a different story altogether. I have not mentioned the regular visitors like Van Persie, Diaby, etc.

More than reinforcements, Wenger needs to invest on replacing these incompetent Ba*******.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Life after Cesc

As death is certain to a living soul, so was Cesc transfer to Barca. We all knew it had to happen, sooner or later.  They said he belonged to them, there is no denial to that, but what Cesc today is- is what Arsenal have made him. From a raw kid, who could fit anyplace in mid-field to the best Central Mid-Fielder in the World. Cesc Fabregas, is undoubtedly an Arsenal product, he is what Arsene Wenger has made him.
Like after every sad things, life moves on. Things would not be the same but, there can be slightest hope for better things.
Moving on with any respected player, we would wish him better luck for future and success. But, here the case is Barcelona, all I can wish is Fabregas realizes his mistake, we will welcome him with open arms.
Arsenal vs Udinese

Okay! Enough with the sad shit. He wanted Barcelona he's got it. And He is getting trophies as well.
Well with Cesc drama finally over Arsenal can begin the business. Here is a list of to do items for Wenger.
1. Replacement for Cesc
The void which the ex-captain has left is a very difficult one. How will you replace the best Center-Mid in the World?. Fab was also the Captain, and Van Persie has, as expected, filled that void. And is for sure a better choice than the man himself. Arsenal has options with Lil Jack and Ramsey, Jack has been in the mid and has played as good as Fab, but yet Arsenal needs someone to take up the role as, sadly, Rosicky is past his best. And Ramsey needs time.

2. Get rid of Nasri
I like him, he is awesome. But, he has flirted with ManU which makes him worth discarding for free. But, if the Sheikhs have the money for him, so, why not. Cash in on Nasri. Now the question stands do we need a replacement for Nasri? My answer will be NO! We have a very good number of decent wingers lined up, who if not better can deliver as good as Nasri on their day. Not that Nasri was a consistently performing member of the squad last year.

3. Song like Player
I have not been a great fan of Song. But, what he did to Barton on the Day One was just awesome. It was foolish, but, AWESOME. And I have always emphasized that we need a Song like player, as a replacement or at times when he needs a break and with God-forsaken (I am no racist) African nations cup coming up we need a quality Holding player.

4. Gervinho, but...
Ten years from now, when people talk about it, I will proudly say, "I watched it LIVE". Awe(wait for it)some, AWESOME. IN YOUR FACE slap on Joe Barton.On his debut. That was what was missing at Arsenal.I love Gervinho already. But, we are still not up to the mark when CAPTAIN VAN PERSIE is out. We need to get rid of Bendtner and Chamakh and get a decent striker. I read a crazy article linking Tevez to Arsenal. Well now that we save Cesc's huge wages and Nasri's (desperate) wages we can afford him.

5. Defense,  defense, defense,  defense.
Is Wenger even bothered about it? If not its high time. I am very sorry to say that Verminator is not the same he was before the injury and Koscielny is like in two extremes, sometimes he is worse than a traffic cone on the field. The good news that we have AGAIN been liked with Mertesaker. Which if happens will be the second best defensive signing since Vermaelen.

Well my friends have again (5 years in row) written Arsenal off the Champions League spot for next season. Which is a challenge if I had taken up seriously in last 5 years I could have been able to buy Messi for Arsenal. Nevertheless expecting a good competition from the Gunners if not trophies.