Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rosicky finally!

Finally, finally! He's all over the places, papers, videos, blogs, facebook, twitter, you name it.
I am glad Rosicky is finally getting the attention he deserved. 
"Deadwood". "The player once he was". "Clueless". "Headless Chicken".
I hated to read even posts which had mentioned good stuff about Rosicky as it would end up with comments like above.

To the Mozart's tune!

Its good to see Rosicky getting the game time he deserves and this time he's taken it well. While, for the "Cup half empty" people there still don't see positives out of Rosicky's best performance in Arsenal shirt. Here are few of the most common complaints about the Little Mozart:

1. Not the player he was:
Every second time you find Rosicky's named mentioned, you will find a comment "he's not the player he was', but to think of it, he's never given a chance to be the player he was. Firstly, Wenger never utilized Rosicky in his preferred position behind the striker, and after his injury he was never given a chance to settle in the team, after Fabregas's return last year and the infamous penalty against Sunderland, Rosicky was reduced to, god-forbid, what Nasri is to ManCity. Wenger was over-using Nasri and Wilshere while Rosicky was kept on bench even in League Cup, this season Ramsey was again over-used, and I think Ramsey's injury is the best thing that has happened to Arsenal and Rosicky. 
I know Ramsey is Arsenal's future, but Rosicky at his best can be the on-field mentor and leader the entire team badly needs right now. 

2. Injury prone:
A tough thing to defend right now, just moments after his best game at Arsenal's he's doubtful for the next, all I can say is, what did most critics say about Robin van Persie last year?

3. Poor at Possession:
Arsenal's game is all about keeping the ball, finding the right moment, and Rosicky keeps giving away possession, what forms the basis for Arsenal's game. Well, here I have to say Rosicky is the only attack minded attacking mid-fielder in our side. He's the only player in the current side who can turn defense into attack, (for which Arsenal were once famous for) watch Walcott's first goal against sp*rs. So, he needs to take that odd risk of losing the ball to create chances, and Rosicky is probably one of the very few footballers in the world who can think few moves in advance, "yes! Arsenal's own Zidane".

4. No Assists:
It surprises me as well, but then I watched a lot of Rosicky videos, (thanks to my friend CarpenterAAA11, on  twitter), Rosicky does well to create attack and often ends up creating an assist rather than a goal, guess that's why Fab loves Rosicky so much. 

5. He's too old:
Tough to fit in Wenger's frame. At 31, Rosicky is lucky to be in Wenger's squad, but I think he's the experience we badly need right now, and please look at the two goal scorers for United last week, Rozzza is still not that old. 

PS: I am not one of those hundred bloggers with new found respect for Rosicky, proof here
And, thank you Rosicky scoring on my birthday was the best birthday gift ever. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Lady in Red

Arranged marriages in India are often portrayed by the west as an evil an unjust system. But to think of it, occasionally it can really be awesome. 

The efforts put in by the families. Finding the right person, matching the family profiles, social status, religious background. Very often parents become this undercover agents, with usually weird logic. 

And then when all is right, comes the great Indian hospitality. The marriage truly is a marriage of two families. Sudden doubling of your social circle.

I'm very sure I got most of the positives out. 

And the best thing is till THE DAY, the dude gets to see only a pic of the bride and in most cases a shy half glimpse. 

This got me thinking today, I'm very sure I'll be caught up in the system as well, sooner or later. 
I wouldn't mind it either. 

Who knows when I see the LADY IN RED, take the "ghoonghat" off to find her in an Arsenal Jersey! *dream interrupted*