Monday, January 2, 2012

How the tables will turn around for Gunners! (January Edition)

If you've read my previous post, all I can tell you is TOLD YOU SO!

Minus, the unlucky loss to Man City and draw at home to Wolves we have made the most of the last two months. And hell ya! It indeed as a Happy New year. Being the only team in top-5 to pick up all three points and see ManU, ChelShit and ManShitty lose.

January is not quite like the last two months, with Gunners playing four times in premier league, starting with the trip to Fulham, Swansea, the revenge against ManUtd followed by a trip to struggling Bolton. No doubt the Gunners have relatively easier fixtures. But there is nothing much to be excited about from the other fixture list as well.

The only big clashes are as follows:

Manchester City ---vs--- Liverpool  (3rd Jan, 2012)
Newcastle United ---vs--- Manchester United (4th Jan, 2012)
Manchester City ---vs--- Tottenham Spurs  (22nd Jan, 2012)
Arsenal ---vs--- Manchester United (22nd Jan, 2012)

Coming to what to expect from January,

  1. Tough Competition from Chelsea: Last 3 months for Chelsea has been the worst 3 months since I am following football, so expect the Russian Mafia to splash more money and bring in reinforcements. So dropping of points in any form in next 4 fixtures will prove costly for the Gunners. 
  2. Lady luck frowning: Expect spurs to run out of the lucky goals and lucky decisions going their way, I am expecting the gap to reduce or get above them in a run where spurs play only at home.
  3. Manchester's drop: Both the Manchester teams are level and many Arsenal critics will be hating that we have narrowed the gap down to less than 10 points. Expect that to be around 5-6 by the end of the month. 
  4. Liverpool resurgence: With SteveG back expect Liverpool to do better than they are, I will not be surprised if they take that 5th place from Chelsea by 31st Jan.
  5. Boring Boring: Expect this month to be relatively boring action wise, fixture-wise. With the RETURN OF THE KING, only thing to look forward to.
Till then, GO GUNNERS!