Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Arteta a flop? You should be a pessimist of the highest order.

Mikel Arteta since his deadline day signing for Arsenal has cemented his position in Gunner's side, which has seen one of the most dramatic comebacks of recent Football history. Arteta in an Arsenal's 4-2-3-1 is playing in a position left by the injury to Arsenal's yougest legend Jack Wilshere. 
Identity crisis?

Arteta often referred as "Poor Man's Fabregas", was considered a panic buying by the usual anti-Arsenal media, who has, so far, silenced his critics and has been a major factor in Arsenal's resurgence. 

I personally consider him as Wenger's yet an other master signing, The problem is him drawing comparison to Cesc Fabregas for the role he played for David Moyes Everton. Its unfair that, one of the very few solid players who have led you to a resounding comeback after a horrific start to the campaign being criticized as a player who, "Slows down the game", "chooses safe side passing" and "not creative enough behind RVP".

Arteta along with Song have been deployed as pivote, or deep lying midfielder with defensive responsibilities, which explains Arsenal drastic improvement in defense over the last few years, he reminds me of Xavi at world cup last year, boring I described Xavi, but Arteta is doing a fantastic job, keeping possession, letting the players around him settle and get into rhythm. He gives Ramsey and Song freedom to create something out of the game, and Arteta facing the creative burden is unjustified as I think its more of Ramsey's duty to do so. 

It will be interesting to see the line-up after Jack's return from injury.

And for today's game, Gunner's take on Aston Villa at Villa Park, hoping to get back to winning ways, after an unlucky, referee blaming loss to Arabs. 

Aston Villa have won 2 and lost 3 of their last 6 fixtures, while the Gunners have only lost once and drawn once in the last 6 games. 

Arsenal are without Song (Suspended) and Djourou (Injury) from their last game. 

Robin is 3 goals short of history. 

Expected Line-up:

Koscielny    Mertesacker    Vermaelan    Miquel
Arteta     Rosicky
Walcott    RVP    Gervinho

Prediction: 0-2,  Victory with RVP back on score sheet. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Letter to Samir Nasri

Dear Samir Nasri, (Just formally, no intended respect)

[I'm an Indian and we Indians usually learn English as a secondary language, we are taught to write letters formally, so I don't really mean it if I actually use sweet language]

Hope this letter reaches you in best of health and hope that you are facing no injury scare to face us. Which I really wish is inflicted by either Arteta or Ramsey. Hope that cozy bench is treating you well. I wish a reply on this: Is it really very costly? Does it have some advanced technologies like anti-perspiring or sweat absorbing? Which anyway will make no sense as you would hardly sweat, may be the only time you sweat is when warming up. As an ex-fan, I have empathy towards what we Indians call “tashrif“. With all those bench-warming you should be careful about blisters down there.

Nasri, just remember exactly a year ago, you were the fan favorite. You were scoring goals, creating them and moreover starting almost every single game.  You were being considered to be given a status which you will never acquire in any of your future clubs. I'm sure you are not sensitive enough to guess what it is, fans would have given you the status of “Next Robert Pires“.

Well you may be wondering why we hate you as much as we hate Ashley Cole or Adebayor, you must be thinking you had great potential and we hate losing out on that, seriously NO, even Bendtner will not think in those lines. Look we never believe in like to like replacements as you know, which didn't work well for us until you. We have found people playing better football providing better assists and getting us results. Seriously, Gervinho has been a better player in that position since Pires left. And Arteta is the best number-8 we had since Ljumberg.

[We Indians beat around the bush a lot: watch Bollywood movies]

Coming back to why we hate you, the reason is not coz you left us for money, its not because you are good. (Seriously, ask your manager)
The reason is coz you have done something unpardonable, its something which makes me feel like giving a capital punishment, ask your Arab owners, the thing they do: like burying the body in sand and hitting face with pebbles. You, Mr. Nasri,  tried to flirt around with Man Utd, for that French friend of yours who has no idea what real men, never mind kids, are made of.

Here is wishing you good luck with the Europa league. “Losing out fighting for a cup is much better than watching a bunch of guys getting it“


Saturday, December 10, 2011

No Words

I would not write anything which shall ruin the feel this pic gives. (Courtesy: @WonderGunner, Twitter)

Picture worth a million words

Friday, December 9, 2011

In fond remembrance, on the special year.

While the debate for statues for Arsenal legends for 125th year celebration remains hot on social media. Arsenal have decided to award SPECIAL LEGEND status to a few of the most “loved“ Arsenal heroes. Namely: $amir Na$ri, Cashley Cole, etc. To honor these famous betrayal legends. Arsenal have planned inscribed images of them on Emirates Toilet Urinals. 

Taking the royal pi$$

While, in fond remembrance of a few Arsenal stars, special NAMED benches will be kept in the dug out, which include, a special “Thursday Operational“ BENCH for Nasri and Clichy, with inbuilt TV which shall play Channel 5: Europa League games. Special mentions include Flamini, Toure and a seat shall be reserved for Bendtner. The Club also plans a six month Credit LOAN counter which shall be named ADEBAYOR, with a tag line “we have loans for a man's needs not Greed“.

A special memorial service is also planned for the demise of our favorite rival's Champions League dreams, we wish them luck for the relegated CHAMP16NS for CHAMPIONSHIP EUROPA LEAGUE. 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Robin van Persie and the Midas touch

Everything van Persie touches turns to Goal.
Arsenal's new goal machine

Saying the Dutch striker is in the form of his life is undermining him and his talent, we know for 3 seasons running that Arsenal Captain is been exceptional, just that this probably is the longest he's been playing without an injury. *Fingers crossed* Hope, its lasts really long.
This season he has found the net 19 times in 23 starts for Arsenal and Netherlands. And all those who have been tracking the star's progress know that he deserved this run of form. While most still argue that he's not yet up to Messi and Ronaldo mark, I think he's just there with the two.
Best in the World? Pic:

With former Arsenal player and Manchester City Bench-warmer Samir Nasri admitting, its a shame that the van Persie is not shortlisted for player of the year.

Few interesting tit-bits about the striker and the club.

  • RVP has scored 17 goals and has 3 assists in all competition for Arsenal this season.
  • He has scored or created 20 goals in 18 games he has played for Arsenal, of which, he has started in just 15 games. 
  • He has scored 51.5% of Arsenal's 33 goals this season. 
  • Out of the 10 games in which he has scored , Arsenal have lost once (ManU, Away) and drawn once (B. Dortmund, Away). 
  • This predator is equally dangerous Home and Away, Scoring 8 away goals (47%) with 2 Assists in 9 away games (50% of of his contribution for the gunners). 
  • In last two seasons he has scored 39 goals in 41 starts, which also equals to the number of goals he has scored in last three years in 76 starts. 
  • Consider as the most left footed player in the world van Persie, in Premier League has scored 6 from left and 7 from his right foot. Making him a truly two-footed player. 
EPL Top Striker for 2010-11 and 2011-12
The table clearly shows that van Persie is miles ahead of his closest competitor, Carlos Tevez, funny closest competitor who's not competing. At this rate and an injury free season expect RVP to score more than 30 goals. 
If he keeps up this form, very sure, I'll tell you told you so

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The clash of Dumbasses!

This one is my first post of a non-arsenal clash, and I have rightly named it. You would take guesses mostly starting with ManU to ManShitty, and you would not take more than 3 guesses to come to the point I want to talk about. This Sunday fixture, ChelShit vs LiverPoo.
I would like to have one guy here who would not agree on the title of the post.
For all the teams we have seen in premier league in last few years, all the management and mismanagement. I would rate Chelsea as the dumbest of all, closely followed by Liverpool.
  • Chelsea: Torres for 50 million- STUPID
  • Liverpool: Torres for 50 million- SMART
  • Liverpool: Carrol for 30+ million- SUPER DUMB
Well what is in this game that makes me excited about it, its the beginning of those fixture, which if, Gunners take advantage of puts us back in the title race.

When these two teams meet at the Bridge, Gunners could, hopefully, have been 3 points ahead of Liverpool and on 22 points with Chelsea. So a draw here would be an ideal result to see us take that 6th position. But, I would love to see AVB (even-though I like him) getting fired after two disastrous home performances.

Nevertheless, Interesting match-up.
King Kenny -vs- AVB
Suarez -vs- Torres 
Stupid Spenders -vs- Stupid Spenders

Prediction: 1-1

Sunday, November 6, 2011

How the tables will turn around for Gunners by the year end!

Vermanator is Back.
3-0! Excited? Hell ya! Past few weeks have been the best time for me as an Arsenal fan.
I know I hate myself to not start following football before 2006 world cup.

Victory! 5 home wins in a row! Ecstatic yes. And Insomniac as well. Before I could explain my small research on what to expect, I shall just make a small note of this wonderful victory. 3-0 against West Brom who last time this year almost got a 3-0 victory if not for Nasri's brace. Goals came from RVP (as usual), Vermaelen and Arteta. With Persie creating the later two. And a clean sheet. Yay!

Ok. Back to the topic. I was looking at the schedule of what to expect from the gunners in coming weeks, which lead to an overall comparison of all the teams placed above Gunners this season, so far.

Before getting started, lets analyze fixture according to GAMEWEEK.

  • ARSENAL 3- WBA- 0
  • ManU 1-  Sunderland-0 (Lucky Unconvincing)
  • Newcastle 2- Everton-1 (Played well, Again undeserved victory)
  • Chelsea 1- Blackburn 0 (Undeserved Victory)
  • Man City 3- QPR-2 (QPR deserved victory more)
  • Spurs yet to play (Away to Fulham)
  •  NORWICH vs ARSENAL (18th Nov)
  • Man City vs Newcastle
  • Chelsea vs Liverpool
  •  ARSENAL vs FULHAM (26th Nov)
  • ManU vs Newcastle
  • Liverpool vs ManCity
  • WIGHAN vs ARSENAL (3rd Dec)
  •  Newcastle vs Chelsea
  • ARSENAL vs EVERTON (10th Dec)
  • Chelsea vs ManCity  
  • MANCITY vs ARSENAL (18th Dec)
  • ASTON VILLA vs ARSENAL (21st Dec)
  • Spurs vs Chelsea
 GAMEWEEK-18 (Boxing Day):
  • ARSENAL vs Wolves (21st Dec)
  • No Big Game
  • ARSENAL vs QPR (31st Dec)
  • Liverpool vs Newcastle
So, the coming EIGHT GAME weeks will be the as good as title deciders. With most of the top teams clashing in the coming weeks.

How is this important for Arsenal?
  1. Arsenal clash with only one big team (Man City away). That means that, gunners have less challenging fixtures than the other top-7 clubs, its fair to say that before the winter-window, when Wenger could add more depth to the squad Gunners will have relaxing fixtures in the league. 
  2. One of the top-7 drops points every week. We have been doing good since we lost to Sp*rs in League, but on the other hand other teams (esp: Newcastle, ManCity, Sp*rs) have also been good. So when these teams are pitted against each other you can see either of then dropping points. *Fingers cross that we don't drop points in this period*.
  3. ManCity and Chelsea take on tougher opponents 4 times in next 8 weeks, including ManCity vs Arsenal.
  4. Newcastle, Liverpool have 3 tough games till Jan.
  5. The thing about league system is it doesn't spare of of any team, but for Arsenal we have it scattered through the next few weeks.
  6. Also, Arsenal have played most of the tough away games among all the tough title rivals, Arsenal travel only to ManCity (Mid Dec) and Liverpool (Early March).
  7. While, ManU (22nd Jan), Spurs (25th Feb), Newcastle (10th March), ManCity (7th April), Chelsea (21st April) visit Emirates to present us the Title.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

West Brom challenge for Resurgent Gunners

Last two of the FIVE *fuckin' FIVE* goals against Chelsea have been flashing to my eyes again and again. Well that is coz I have watched them over and over again as many times as Terry has been in highlights for all stupid shit he has done all his life.

And, Captain Vantastic, oh what an amazing player! He's just keeping me counting.
"van Persie Three, Chelsea Three, Arsenal Five"
  • RVP has 76 goals in 166 Premier League appearances.
  • For the year 2011, Persie has netted 33 in just 38 games for Arsenal in all competitions, just one short of Henry who had 34 goals in 2004. 
  • Van Persie has 27 goals in Premier League for this calender year already, while Henry had scored 27 in 30 in 2004.
  • He has already found the back of the net 11 times this season, while he has started 11 times and came off the bench thrice in all competitions for the Gunners.
  • He has already bettered his Dutch role-model Dennis Bergkamp in all competitions scoring 107 goals in 244 matches, the non-flying Dutchman has 104 in 380 games at Arsenal. 
  • DB10 has 87 league goals which the Captain Vantastic is expected to reach much before the end of this season.

Moving on, first time this season a very confident Arsenal side take on West Brom at the Emirates Stadium, a fixture, last year was the one to forget for most Gunner when the newly promoted WBA shocked Gunners with a 3-2 defeat. 
Gun 'em down

  • Gunners are confident after a 3-5 victory away, while WBA suffered a 0-2 loss to Liverpool.
  • Arsenal have won 4 of their 5 home games, while WBA have won twice and lost twice in 5 away games.
  • Arsenal are expected to fortify their defense with Vermaelen back in the starting line-up after 2 months, while for WBA Midfielder Paul Scharner has been ruled out with a knee ligament problem, with doubts over the fitness of striker Peter Odemwingie. 

Arsenals expected Line-up:

---------------------  Szczesny ----------------------
Jenkinson,   Mertesacker,    Vermaelen,    Santos
Walcott,     Song,     Ramsey,     Arteta,      Gervinho
------------------ Van Persie -----------------------

Bench: Fabianski, Koscielny, Rosicky, Frimpong, Djourou, Arshavin, Miyaichi.

Confident of all three points 2-0 to the Gunners. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Reformed or Premature?

The month of August for any Arsenal fan was not worse than the final month of Pregnancy for a lady. Sometimes we were screaming with pain and sufferings of what to expect and how much more of the horrible sufferings. While the approaching of the transfer window deadline was hanging on right at us and like the mother's eagerness to look at the baby, we had eagerness to see the new (expected) babies.

Deadline day passed, we were more shocked than that lady who delivered 6 kids at once. And like a mother loving its child who caused her the worst sufferings we will love Arsenal no matter what. Like a mother loves the child even if he's as ugly as Rooney, we'll love Arsenal even with a lesser beautiful version of their game play, which will still remain more beautiful than the rest in the league.

Before August,
  • Arsenal have Won Two, Lost Three and Drawn One game. 
  • Scoring Six and conceding Thirteen.
Since August, 
  • Arsenal have Won Nine, Lost Two, and Drawn Two Games.
  • Scoring Twenty Seven while Conceding Fifteen. [In all competitions]
  • On Premier League front, Arsenal have won 4 of the last 6 games and lost the rest.
  • Arsenal has also seen a great comeback improving 10 positions in 3 games.
  • While the Gunner in Red Hot form Captain Van Persie has scored 28 goals in last 27 Premier League appearances.
  • Beating Chelsea at Bridge 3-5.  
    Hell Ya!

Finally I managed a list of Arsenal positives, which makes me optimistic about a good season ahead.

Premature? Please leave your opinion.

The part of the blog so far was written before the Chelsea game, I couldn't publish it then, so I modified the content from the blog in which I had predicted a 1-2 victory to the Gunners. But thank you Captain Vantastic for those three.
10 of 10

I just love the fact that we finally after 5 years have a striker who just keeps us counting, and yes I repeat he's still is not an out and out striker, he loves to get back and create a few for himself and others, just imagine if we had a TH14 with him or a DB10 behind him now.

Expectations this season:
 Positive with the developments and results so far, I expect Wenger to add more creativity in the midfield. With Jacky coming back in Feb plus a signing or two optimistic about top-4 finish. With Vermaelen back in the back, a less leaky defense and a trophy this season. Well be it Carling Cup, a trophy needs to break the Emirates Jinx. Surely a lot more from the man of the moment, top goal scorer this season for RVP is as good as League title.  

And, yes guys remember the fourth Goal TERRYble. A small question to end it for today.
Could we have won the game if not for the wonderful English Captain?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stop Crying!

What separates Arsenal Fans from the rest is that we are Arsenal Fans, we are not just Glory Hunters. We back our team no matter what, a trophy-less year, six or a decade.
We scream our hearts out to show support to our players when they were bombarded with, I HATE TO say it, Eight Fuckin' Goals.
Find a Chelsea fan who will back Chelsea for an entire week after a 3-1 loss to us.
I know plenty of ManU supporters who said now we support Real Madrid, for that Gay guy.
In that matter I respect Liverpool they back their team. And yes we do too.

This month has probably been the worst for any Arsenal fan, yes I agree, 4 points from 5 games that's not Arsenal, conceding 16 goals well that is also not Arsenal as well.

Luckily, I haven't been watching Football much of late. Avoided ManU game, and also Blackburn. But that doesn't keep me from writing. This is the time as a true Gooner I need to back my team.

Its hard defend two major losses while being criticized to the extent we are being criticized.
There is nothing I can say which defends conceding 4 goals against Blackburn and 2 of which coming from two of our regular starters. So to make it simple I wont defend it.

I shall just move on to what I am expecting the rest of the season.

Two new defenders that makes it roughly a permutation of 24 defensive partnerships considering the defenders pair up with at-least one mid-fielder to support the back line.
So that makes it a complex Chemistry and understanding which needs time.
Also, we have 3 players starting who have hardly trained with the rest of the team for as many hours. Time is not on our side, but, I say I can allow one Carling Cup game and one Premier League Loss (roughly, next two games).

If you have been following Arsenal for last 3-4 seasons (damn these 8-2 and 4-3 jokes), you should be aware that Arsenal slip up in roughly last 6 games. So why not it be the first 6 games? Of which, ManU and Liverpool were tough fixtures anyway and a loss is always a loss of 3 points. No matter to what extent humiliating it is.
Its just a rough patch which needs small tactile changes, we need a defensive coach, our attack is still the best in premier league.
As Captain says, we need back to back victories and a couple of cleansheets.

I see a come back the one which we will be proud and talk about.

Go Gunners.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is the Arsenal‘s medical team run by the rivals?

Is the Arsenal‘s medical team run by Manchester United or Chelsea or Tottenham Hotspurs?
What is their qualification?
Are they even educated?
Or the have like really hoooooot nurses?
Or is it run by Barcelona?

I think it should be Barca, mastermind strategy to get Cesc Fabregas, now you have him leave us alone.
I know a PUTTUR BONE “SENTRE“ guy who fixes any injury in just hours. What the hell is wrong with one of the most prestigious sports academies of the world football?

Anybody who gets his name on the arsenal injury list either gets stuck on the list for ages or ruins his footballing career.
Henry [2006,2007]
Eduardo [2008, 2009] ~ I agree you need to credit them for fixing it at first place.
Rosicky [2008, 2009] ~ One of the reasons for my frustration.
Ramsey [2009, 2010] ~ A case similar to Eduardo.
Vermaelen [2010, 2011]
And now, I just hope it doesn't, Jack Wilshere. If not for these injuries, arsenal would have been a different story altogether. I have not mentioned the regular visitors like Van Persie, Diaby, etc.

More than reinforcements, Wenger needs to invest on replacing these incompetent Ba*******.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Life after Cesc

As death is certain to a living soul, so was Cesc transfer to Barca. We all knew it had to happen, sooner or later.  They said he belonged to them, there is no denial to that, but what Cesc today is- is what Arsenal have made him. From a raw kid, who could fit anyplace in mid-field to the best Central Mid-Fielder in the World. Cesc Fabregas, is undoubtedly an Arsenal product, he is what Arsene Wenger has made him.
Like after every sad things, life moves on. Things would not be the same but, there can be slightest hope for better things.
Moving on with any respected player, we would wish him better luck for future and success. But, here the case is Barcelona, all I can wish is Fabregas realizes his mistake, we will welcome him with open arms.
Arsenal vs Udinese

Okay! Enough with the sad shit. He wanted Barcelona he's got it. And He is getting trophies as well.
Well with Cesc drama finally over Arsenal can begin the business. Here is a list of to do items for Wenger.
1. Replacement for Cesc
The void which the ex-captain has left is a very difficult one. How will you replace the best Center-Mid in the World?. Fab was also the Captain, and Van Persie has, as expected, filled that void. And is for sure a better choice than the man himself. Arsenal has options with Lil Jack and Ramsey, Jack has been in the mid and has played as good as Fab, but yet Arsenal needs someone to take up the role as, sadly, Rosicky is past his best. And Ramsey needs time.

2. Get rid of Nasri
I like him, he is awesome. But, he has flirted with ManU which makes him worth discarding for free. But, if the Sheikhs have the money for him, so, why not. Cash in on Nasri. Now the question stands do we need a replacement for Nasri? My answer will be NO! We have a very good number of decent wingers lined up, who if not better can deliver as good as Nasri on their day. Not that Nasri was a consistently performing member of the squad last year.

3. Song like Player
I have not been a great fan of Song. But, what he did to Barton on the Day One was just awesome. It was foolish, but, AWESOME. And I have always emphasized that we need a Song like player, as a replacement or at times when he needs a break and with God-forsaken (I am no racist) African nations cup coming up we need a quality Holding player.

4. Gervinho, but...
Ten years from now, when people talk about it, I will proudly say, "I watched it LIVE". Awe(wait for it)some, AWESOME. IN YOUR FACE slap on Joe Barton.On his debut. That was what was missing at Arsenal.I love Gervinho already. But, we are still not up to the mark when CAPTAIN VAN PERSIE is out. We need to get rid of Bendtner and Chamakh and get a decent striker. I read a crazy article linking Tevez to Arsenal. Well now that we save Cesc's huge wages and Nasri's (desperate) wages we can afford him.

5. Defense,  defense, defense,  defense.
Is Wenger even bothered about it? If not its high time. I am very sorry to say that Verminator is not the same he was before the injury and Koscielny is like in two extremes, sometimes he is worse than a traffic cone on the field. The good news that we have AGAIN been liked with Mertesaker. Which if happens will be the second best defensive signing since Vermaelen.

Well my friends have again (5 years in row) written Arsenal off the Champions League spot for next season. Which is a challenge if I had taken up seriously in last 5 years I could have been able to buy Messi for Arsenal. Nevertheless expecting a good competition from the Gunners if not trophies.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Whats the Mata?

Its not very often that you log on to any football website and find news about Arsenal which in any sense is pleasing. Today happens to be my lucky day.
Juan Mata- a Gunner?
To start with, Juan Mata is on the brink of signing for Arsenal from Valencia. Good News? Hell ya! He is fast, intelligent, has an eye for pass, creates good number of Goals and handful at scoring as well. While few reports suggest that a bid has been accepted, while others say he is on his way to London for Medical, let us just say that he is expected to be a Gunner. But, at what price? I don't mean to say, 15 million which Arsenal are expecting to spend on him, but, will he be a replacement for either of Nasri or Fabregas?

Well that happens to be the second good news of the day, it looks like Fabregas has started training with Arsenal reserves well ahead of his schedule. Which bring us to a conclusion that the best mid-fielder in the Worlds stays at Arsenal for an other year. 

So does it mean that its the end of Nasri? Or will Arsenal risk to let him out for free? Or will he extend his contract? Only time and Arsene Wenger can answer these questions.

And the best part was watching Gervinho play for Arsenal, he has what Arsenal needs. He remind me of Drogba against Arsenal.

While the main concern still remains unanswered, reports suggest Arsenal are submitting an improved bit for Cahill at 18 million, which, if true- can see the English defender at the Emirates.
Tevez, Neymar and Messi have been named as the duds of the Copa America, who didn't see it coming?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Arsene Wenger to Cesc Fabregas: Creed- Away in Silence

I have been trying to work on this video in a long long time, finally.
I just loved the song and with the Fabregas saga running high I couldn't help compare it.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Missing Thing.

A one-one draw to an unknown Chinese club not a motivator to blog, but what motivates me to blog today? No idea.
Hangzhou Greentown, wtf, anyway Arsenal played this club, and the most weird thing was that Even the Arsenal Jersey had players name in what, looked like/ obviously was Chinese.
Wenger started the match with a mix-up of experience and youngsters. While few have reported it as the usual 4-2-3-1, I think Wenger is trying to Revert back to 4-4-2. This is how we started.

The center back pairing of Squid and Djourou is the worst possible combination we can have. They play to high up the line, very slow to fall back, and suck one on one. While it was good to see Rosicky in the role which suits him best, he was wasted on wings. Van Persie is very very encouraging to watch, he has completely changed from the  supporting striker to the hit-man, he knows that he has the responsibility of scoring and he's gonna go a long way with that. Vela was impressive again and scored the only goal, which was a rebound from a Van Persie strike. Nasri was good.
Second half was much better with 11 changes with Szczesny, Jenkinson, Vermaelan, Koscielney, Gibbs, Song, Wilshere, Ramsey, Miyachi, Chamakh and Walcott. Vermaelan and Kosher pair up well and Gibbs will be an attacking asset as a LB.
While this being a very disappointing pre-season hope to see the team doing better and yes we conceded again by set-piece, we badly need a defender a left-back and someone to compete with Song for a regular place.

More news:
  • As usual the Nasri and Fabregas saga fails to take backseat. But to be honest I don't think  Arsenal will not be affected much by Nasri and Fabregas absence if, to be diplomatic, they are injured. But I want them to stay. 
  • Denilson, who once I like, seems to be the biggest casualty, as there are no takers for him, and he edges close to a Loan move to his former club, Sao Paolo.
  • While Eboue could be on his way to Turkish club Galatasaray.

Guys, one think which was missing in Wenger since last few season looks to be coming back. Yes, Wenger was famous for his aggression and angry comments on managers, his fights with Ferg and Jose Moron were bigger than the respective club rivalries those days. Looks like Wenger is getting it back and had Xavi, Dani Alves, Manchini in his crosses. It takes an other blog to have it, but its a good sign. Everything comes top-down, Arsenal to win titles need aggression, and if Wenger can instill that there is nothing better. Keep fighting.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Bastards are from Barcelona, Twats are from Manchester United.

Its like they are taking turns. Like their everyday talk sounds like, "Screw you Puyol, you tried", "Ha Ha, Iniesta, that's all you got?", "Up yours lets see what you got Xavi".
Its like they get some incentives for all this shit they come out and speak to make Fabregas say something which they can use as leverage to land the Arsenal captain to the most unethical, classless club ever.
After Messi, Iniesta, Pique, Alves, Valdes, Tom, Dick and Jerk, it was Xavi's turn with,

"Cesc told me he was suffering because he wants to come here. It’s what he wants most and he’s done all he can to come, he wants Arsenal to let him leave. He made it clear everything depends on the selling club."
Are they so desperate to play with Cesc that they get such dreams? Its really irritating as an Arsenal fan when day-in and day-out you hear that Fab wants to leave when he is twitting and apologizing Arsenal fans for not being with the squad due to injury, will this ever stop? I think Fabregas should come up with a bold reply like Wenger replied Xavi,

"it’s very disrespectful and it’s not the first time Xavi has been very disrespectful towards Arsenal. What is important is that Cesc Fabregas is contracted at Arsenal Football Club. That is a fact and Arsenal want to keep him."
 The first game of season, Malaysia vs Arsenal, ended 0-4, a convincing victory for the gunners, more than anything its a victory to Wenger's youth policy. Carlos Vela,  Kieran Gibbs,  Aaron Ramsey, Ryo Miyaichi are surely as good as new signing for Wenger all of them as good as those being pointed out as Arsenal misses this season.
It was wonderful to see Carl Jenkinson, a totally unknown player. He is fast, good crossing and hard at tackle. He will surely improve at defending as he needs to compete with the likes of Sagna and Eboue for a regular spot.
Ramsey stepped up to take the first penalty, when Wilshere was fouled in the box. Which followed by a wonderful Walcott goal lovely assist by Ramsey, Vela made it third with his typical cheeky finish, when Rosicky set him up. Rosicky finished the game with his head to a Arshavin cross.
While I was about the complete this article, my friend Arpan gave me the best video ever.
This is a proof which explains why you find ManU fans every nook and corner, half of them don't follow shit about football, most of them think that Cristiano Ronaldo still plays for them.Once I posted a pic of Howard Web in ManU Jersey and convinced one of those idiots that he was a ManU player 3 seasons ago.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Be a Man- Russell Peters; Be a Real Man- Jack Wilshere.

Its not just the maturity this kid shows on the ground when he is playing against the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, Essien, Scholes which attracts me to him. There is an unmatched charm he has on and off the field. With or without the ball. Mark my words Jack Wilshere has in him, one, the killer instinct which Arsenal lacks. Two, the balls to do the dirty work. And I want to see this kid retire as an Arsenal legend. Jack Wilshere for me is Arsenal's answer to Steven Gerrard. Our future Captain Fantastic.
In the Shadows

He has  asked his role-model and Arsenal's captain Cesc Fabregas to snub Barcelona and prove his loyalty to Arsenal as he did last season.
"Loyalty is a big part of football and it shows if you are a real man or not. If you are loyal, it means you are a real man, We have loyalty at Arsenal and players have shown that in the past. Cesc showed that last year and hopefully a few more players will show it this year. Then we will see if we can get a trophy or not."
While this should be a big upset to English media as they have been constantly linking Arsenal's English stars, namely Wilshere and Walcott, away from Arsenal. While the comment Real Man has raised a few eyebrows to which Wilshere tweeted saying: "Have not read any papers but just so we get it right I actually said 'cesc showed he is a real man by staying and being loyal last season'.."

He further adds, "And hopefully we can have a few more players like that'... "I also said he has been a great role model for me! So why would i tell him to 'man up'!? Get it correct please..."

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Weekend of Good News

Its been a long time I've surfed sites to find positive news linking Arsenal. For this mini-blog today to start with, Gervinho is an Arsenal player according to the official website, will be announced after the squads Asia trip. Fabregas has tweeted to apologise to Asian Gooners for not being available on the tour, making it clear that he still is "EL CAPITAN". Nasri is with the team has rejected an offer from Inter, has a huge offer from ManCity. But reports suggest, Wenger will be taking a gamble with him

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Heart at Arsenal.

Wenger has promised that he will try his best to hold on to the mid-duo of Fabregas and Nasri.
"Our position is always the same, we want to keep Cesc and I will fight as hard as I can to keep him,"
And about Nasri, he adds:
"Samir Nasri is exactly the same. We will do everything we can to keep him,"
It looks certain that Fabregas has a season more at Arsenal. While, I can read skepticism in Wenger's comments about Nasri, it looks like with Chelsea also entering the race for the 24 year Gunner. When ManU have failed with a 20million bid. Man City are expected to launch a 25million bid for him, this is where I see Wenger's skepticism lying. If Wenger can cash in on Nasri who otherwise will see his contract to be a free-agent, will be a brilliant deal for the Gunners. As much as Nasri was awesome in the beginning of last season, I still don't see him as an impact player or a player who will make the difference for the Gunners.

While speaking about the player who makes the real difference, you should check out Rosicky when he's playing for Czech Republic. For the Euro Cup Qualifiers, Rosicky is the player to create most Goal Scoring chances, 21, equaling Iniesta. Also check out the Highlights of Czech Republic in the two matches here. Every time Rosicky gets the ball its a Highlight for Czech Republic.   


I think Technically Rosicky is the best player in Arsenal side, after the long long injury he just lacks the confidence. But in Fabregas's absence last season beginning he took up the role really well and proved his mantle, everything was perfect for him until that penalty miss against Sunderland. 
After Fabregas's return Rosicky wasn't given the opportunity in the right stage to prove himself and I think he's got a couple more years with him and a small loan in an easier league will just be perfect to boost his confidence to be back in the game. And he always is an inspiring leader on the pitch, very very hardworking and the one who has his heart at Arsenal unlike the two we've been discussing. I have been following all his videos on the YouTube channel carpenteraaaaaa11 the kind of confidence he bring in his National side is just what we need at Arsenal. 
And I see a lot of negativity in fans about Arsenal losing out on players like Hazard, Ricky Alvarez guys firstly we haven't bid for them to lose-out on them, secondly these guys are over-rated, over priced and un-proven stars. And we don't need mid-fielders.
I am very sure Wenger is doing his job and for I don;t think there is a manager better than him for Arsenal. Gervinho almost in, looks like we edge close to Cahill and Samba. This is all that Arsenal need at this point. While adding an other Song to the line up is my wish. 
For Heavens sake last year wasn't a disaster.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Positives and More Negatives.

Its really difficult for an optimistic fan like me to continue being one with the media making Arsenal to Footballing Transfers somewhat of what Terror is to Islamic Countries.
In short, never Positive always being blamed.

Well going back to whats in the news with less than 40days to go for the new season.
Its the same stale news, few websites claim that Man Utd are a step closer to sign Nasri, which I think is far from possible as Wenger will not be a jerk enough to sell him to them. But, the good thing is ManShitty are rivaling their City rivals for his services. And I personally think that if Nasri is not in Arsenal new lovely 125 years celebration kit. (Of which away is one I am surely buying) Then I think he might be with the Arabs, they'll surely out-bit ManU and will pay him shit loads per week.
While some stupid Bloggers just find every single opportunity to spread whatever possible about Fabregas, one of them read "Fabregas says he will not play for Arsenal again" and the article goes on and on telling about Barcelona's interest in their DNA'd guy and the bids all along and shit. But has no authentic sources which say Fab remotely quoting that he'll never be a gunner. And for a guy who considers Wenger on par with his parents I don't see that happening by any means. I am putting my money on Arsenal Captain to be in Arsenal but not as Captain.
Clichy to Man City for 7 million, yes it is a jackpot. I don't expect him to perform any better than he did for Arsenal in Premier League. Had he moved out to easy leagues, where the top clubs who spend shit loads of money and buy referees and have like Hundred in Goal Difference column, he could have even become one of the best in his position.
And its reported that Gervinho has completed his medical at Arsenal so this one will surely make people believe that Wenger is serious and looks like he'll continue his hunt for top four finish at least.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Whats happening Arsenal?

When put a debate to an Arsenal fan as to what is the worst few weeks "the three weeks following Carling Cup loss last season" or "the couple of weeks preciding this post", it will lead to a heated argument as I am of the stand that the last couple of weeks is the worst possible time. For all the websites are filled with negativity with news filled with quotes coming in from Fabregas friends, Nasri's uncles brother etc about them leaving. RVP's fake transfer request and confirmed Clichy (Man City, 7million)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Taking Position

From a guy to flunk a paper being lazy to write, to a regular blogger its been a long journey, I have transformed a lot in last few years. I remember it was just before FIFA World Cup 2006, a college football tournament when I saw too many Black Jerseys reading ZIDANE, and googled to find what/who that was. And now one of the biggest fan of Zidane. (I have watched almost every single video of Zidane on youtube).

And also a regular blogger these days for the club I support. Arsenal.
Supporting Arsenal since the UEFA Champions League Final 2006. (The first football match I watched completely). The Gunners lost to Barcelona, but won my heart. It took me time to get to know more about the game. And exactly 4 years to start writing about it.
I have been a regular blogger with, which I intend to as long as I am fired.
But this will be a space for The Gooners to share their emotions with me and I look to keep this as a blog I can refer back as Arsenal History in my words.
Hope Arsenal keep this season: Dynamite. Absolute Dynamite.