Sunday, August 18, 2013

Utterly Shameful!

For once I feel ashamed to be an Arsenal fan, its not the defeat in Game One, not the lost 3 points, its the fans that fail me. I am sad to be categorised among those who can't back their own team, their invincible manager, their future legends.

Its not Arsenal, or their policies, or yesterday's game, its the boos, Jeers thrown at my team ( MY TEAM, nobody boo's his own team)

I sure don't reach many of you, but the most (not all) of you I address today, yes! You have failed me, hurt me more than all of my ex's put together, more than all the failed subjects in my graduation, more than watching Zidane walk past the World Cup dejected. For a moment I felt that I made a wrong choice supporting Arsenal. I am sad for yesterday's loss, I don't blame the ref. I think he was an overall fuck up. 

It is bad to lose an opening game in front of home crowd, at the Emirates, in a season where we were expecting to just mount the pressure on other serious contenders. But, look at it as just a small loss, Aston Villa are no easy opponents, we have an entire season ahead of us. This could well be the best 3 points lost ever, come on a right time. Any further, it would make a lot more difference.
Wenger knows he has to spend, he knows he has a thin-squad which gets thinner every time he plays against clubs playing a brand a football which resembles more to rugby. And when you know it, when I know it, so does the only manager ever to manage an invincible squad ever knows it. Wenger is a lot smarter than you and me put together. Lot smarter than the managers of Chelsea, City, United and Liverpool put together. Simple question, will you buy an Arsenal Jersey from me if I am selling it at twice its actual price?

How many times have we lost players due to clubs like Chelsea, United, Liverpool and City outbidding us? ( Count starting from Wright- Phillips to Eden Hazard) 
Do you think it is worth falling into a financial mess trying to compete with these clubs with respect to spending money on players- who may or may not be successful, who may or may not be fit for an entire season, who may or may not be able to match the premier league style of football. 

Does that mean we shouldn't buy? 
No, that's not what Wenger is up to. He has a very subtle style of working, not the credit mongering type, not explaining and exclaiming every action he does, his business is done in a very delicate manner, remember signing Santi? His style has done a lot good to the club and has ruined his image, but being the man he is- he doesn't care for his image and he sure loves Arsenal more than you do, lot more than I do. 

There will be signings- could be three or four or five and each one you will be boasting upon, and then on a day like yesterday you will again be booing them,  the same players you had your display pictures few days back. Learn to back your team, yesterday you were not just throwing those jeers at Wenger or the management. Our lil Jacky, the ever fighting Rosicky, the brilliant Santi were all at the end of it, you did a lot good to their morale. They would sure love to stay another season to entertain your boo's

Watch liverpool learn from them. Look at how they responded to a player who was so vocal in leaving them. They are the real fans. We are just a bunch of shameful idiots. 

Be man enough, or a women if you are one,  face your bad days, stand behind your team. Boos are not the answer.

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  1. Crikey what a daft set of words, that took me a few reads to hope you were being ironic. 'Subtle style of working'. You could say that. Eight years of no trophies is another way, I am not sure what's subtle about that. If you do a public job, like football management, get paid a fortune, like Wenger, then the people who contribute have a right to voice their concerns, as the majority did yesterday. The 'utterly shameful' thing at Arsenal at the moment is not the fans (disgraceful even suggesting it) but what the people in charge are doing to it. Sure you're not from that crappy club up the road on a wind up?