Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Reload the Guns

I have been off for a long time, long long time. Its been more than a year. A poor start to last season, personal and professional life crisis and various other reasons. It feels great to be back and the smell of positivity from all around motivates me further.

This is the first time, in a long long time that transfer window is filled with positivity, I am not talking about us being linked with the Higuains, the Rooneys, the Fabregases or the Barrys. I am talking about the fact that for the first time in last 4-5 years that we, the Gooners, are not scared of loosing out on a key member from the starting 11. And, the fact that we have started adding member to strengthen squad makes the aura of positivity smell better.

And for all those who think of us adding to the squad the big names, please analyse, Arsene Wenger has managed to get stability to our overall fee structure compromising on a lot of things, call it trophies to begin with. He's taken undeserved criticism, and from people who don't deserve, and the cristicism his caliber doesn't deserve. He got stability to fee structure compromising and losing his dearest sons, read Henry and Fabregas, and a few who don't deserve a mention.

Forget about the really big names coming in, remember, "we don't buy stars, we create them".

And, lets put our hands together for the new signing Yaya Sanogo. The next Henry, lets see, I give a realistic 3 years target.

Lot more to come. Hoping for  a positive season.

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