Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Our Running Man

What attracts me to Arsenal, and what hold my faith in them stronger every time even after series of disappointments is the class they go about it, the class with which they got a manager dubbed "Arsene Who" to the only manager with undoubtedly the most unique achievement in the modern day football.

You can win it a hundred times, but, to with it once with total conviction is something amazing. 

Speaking of class, it oozes in every aspect that links Arsenal. Be it the way they deal with fans, finances, players, charities and events. Such class only attracts class, yes, the fans. One thing that keeps me going- the Gooners.

One such event- "the running man" showed us what Arsenal Fans are made of. During the Arsenal's trip to Hanoi, Vietnam during the pre-season, a fan ran along the player's bus for around FIVE KILOMETRES, bumping into trees and lamp posts, yet not stopping till achieving a rare rendezvous with the team. 
The Running Man (Image: @Arsenal FC)

No dream to big
The thirst with the destiny
He's efforts were appreciated by the team, with the team singing "sign him up", for the man's efforts and was allowed to board the bus, with a standing ovation from the team he gives standing ovation to week-in and week-out. Truly a delight for any fan. And a gesture of class, unmatchable.  

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